Sunday, April 30, 2006

Excuse me, I'm allowed to pass in the centre

I shouldn't have gone swimming today but I felt I had to train. I should have just taken the day off. I got into the community pool nearby and felt even more so the heaviness of my legs. A little while back, I wrote about how some people expend a lot more energy trying not to sink than in going forward. Today I was one of those people.

I tried to find that pivot point needed in the body to keep the legs nice and "buoyant" but it just never felt right. And for some unknown reason, my left shoulder bugged me. Moving forward and finding any sort of rhythm felt impossible.

To top it off, today seemed to be "hang out or swim slow" day. Had someone posted a notice, 'cause I didn't see it.

I got in trouble for banging into someone today accidentally. That happens sometimes, even when all the swimmers are going more or less the same pace. When I had gotten to the end of the pool, there was no one there, so I did a flip turn and shot back out on the other side of the lane. This is where I bumped my arm into his leg. I didn't realise that I could shoot out in a glide faster than he could back stroke. No harm intended!!

He lectured me on how, on days like today, if there are more than 2 or 3 people in the pool, we shouldn't be passing, and also on how everyone is supposed to wait his turn at the ends of the pool. (Does that mean I should wait after the people who socialize 5 min. or more inbetween every lap?)

I told him that pool etiquette dictates that we are allowed to pass in the centre of the lane, at least that's what I've read on the notice boards at every pool. I told him that I don't tell slower swimmers to get out of the way or out of the pool so why should I be told to stay out of their way?

To top things off, his son wanted to come visit him while he was socializing at the end of the lane, so he cut right in front of me as I approached quickly. Lucky no one got hurt.

So that's my gripe. I would have gone to another pool at lunch time to swim lanes, adults only, not family time, but I was too busy wolfing down a yummy tonkinese soup.

Well, bed-time for this droopy-eyed girl who still isn't getting enough sleep.


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