Tuesday, December 02, 2008

People never really die ...

Haven't trained in I think over a week. Every day I keep telling myself I'll get out there again but somehow the sadness and exhaustion hold me back and I end up seeing friends instead to seek comfort and to distract myself from what has been happening.

My good friend, Michael Rudder, was severely injured in the horrible terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Super amazing person, incredibly spiritual and generous, charismatic and totally hilarious, open-minded, and open-hearted ... always willing to help people and would never hurt a fly. He was in India on a spiritual journey to learn more about meditation which he has practising for 35 years. He didn't deserve what happened to him ... and neither did any of those innocent victims in Mumbai.

To those who survived, I am sending positive healing vibes and love, lots of love. And to those that didn't ... I am somehow reassured by a friend's words ... people never really die, they just change forms ...

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