Monday, August 18, 2008

I've reached a new pinnacle in swimming :-)

I've been noticing something recently during my swim training that has started to occur more often ... a wonderful, effortless gliding feeling where I feel one with the water and everything is as it should be.

I interpret this feeling as a sign of my improving technique and more and more often, I experience this sweet feeling when I swim.

There is a wonderful little lake close to where I cycle up north and it is so wonderful that I decided, like my recent long run, that I again needed to wrap my mind around some distance, this time in this wonderfully clean and peaceful lake.

My friend LR and I set off into the lake. We swam close to the shore, out of the way of the speeding boats, and after an hour, we took a short break where LR hesitantly then happily discovered the joy of jumping into the water by swinging off a rope attached to a tree. I, on the other hand, sat like the shivering chicken that I am on the rocks until I convinced my friend to head back.

After arriving at the beach, we dried off, but never one for sitting for long in the sun, I started wondering, "How far is it to swim around the little island?" LR suggested I go try it and see as she took her cell phone in hand to time me. I went out and came back. It took about 19 minutes, so I figured at least 800m. Then I did it again.

So, great day for a long swim. 6k+ in my pocket and I finally feel ready for my Ironman swim. Thanks LR for making this possible! You rock!

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