Thursday, November 13, 2008

Excuses, excuses ...

Well, last week, I thought I was off to a good restart at training again. Finally off the atrocious meds for my neck and back and feeling better (yes, ESPECIALLY since I'm off those nasty meds! Sometimes the side effects outweigh the benefits ... sigh.)

Then last weekend, I went off to Cape Cod for a swing dance convention. Drove 16 hours. Danced 18. Slept ... too little.

Came back feeling a little run down, which is quite normal after an intense dance weekend. But after a good night's sleep, I didn't feel any better, actually worse, and my usual velvet voice wasn't so velvet anymore.

I've got LARYNGITIS! Arrgh!

Thought about going to the pool but my blocked ears nixed that idea. Thought about running but the cold air going down my throat nixed that idea too.

Today, I felt a bit better and even entertained the idea of running, but being invited to the premiere of "Quantum of Solace" nixed that idea quickly :-) It's cool to have connections in the industry ... Thanks CG!

Tomorrow, I receive my official Mime Clowns Unite! membership card.

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