Thursday, December 04, 2008

I didn't know running was such an expensive sport!

So, lacking time, I decided to go for a quick jaunt around my neighbourhood instead of head to our wonderful little mountain in the heart of our city. And since I was expecting someone to come pick something up, I was limited with time and thus rushed to get out of the house.

Running clothes - check
Running shoes - check
Hat, ear band, gloves - check
Keys - check

And off I went! I pulled the door behind me and it locked shut. I then went to lock the deadbolt but for some reason, none of the three keys on the keyring worked because none of these keys were for this lock ... DRAT! I'd taken my mother's house keys accidentally!

Plan B

I ran to JC's house and prayed he'd be in when I got there. I'd given him an extra set of keys over a year ago to water my lawn while I was gone but had never asked for them back. Wish I could have enjoyed the 3.5 km run to his house but I felt too anxious to run slowly and pushed the pace more than I wanted. An angst-ridden me arrived at his house and I rang the doorbell ... Woohoo! He was home and I was relieved.

Seems that everyone makes JC's their extra key depository. He passed me three sets of keys that "could be" mine and off I went back home in a cab with borrowed money.

But alas ... none of the keys fit. Waaah! So I was stuck dropping in on a neighbour to call the locksmith. Good thing help came 15 minutes later or I would have frozen outside in my damp running clothes so entirely inappropriate for the cold this time of year. Brrrr!

Ahhhh ... There's nothing more welcoming than walking into your own warm home after being stuck outside in the dark and cold, shut out with no easy way in.

So, today's run was an expensive one what with the cab and the locksmith ... a whopping $26.29/km. Sucks royally.

But at least I'm home. And the two locksmiths were funny. And I will never EVER take the wrong set of keys again.

My friend will unfortunately have to pass by again. Oh well.

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