Sunday, June 10, 2007

How the HECK do they do it?

I'm presently working a new contract right now that's quite a ways from my house. Rush hour and feeling like I'm parked on the highway does not agree with me. I'd love to cycle to work but ...

1) Obviously, not wanting to use my road bike to get there would mean tuning up my mountain bike and putting slicks on her since she's only equipped with a serious set of knobbies right now

2) I'd have to find a way to get through the tangled mess of highways, overpasses, and underpasses to make sure I'd be able to get there in one piece

3) Tuning up a bike and going to get a new set of tires as well as subsequently taking a test run out to work on the mountain bike takes time ... and that ain't something I seem to have much of these days.

Time is a precious commodity.

Trained very little this week, two short runs, one at a pace enough to leave me huffing and puffing throughout the entire run, something that I hate to feel. I'm trying to work on quicker turnover and lifting the knees higher. Let's just say it was faster than I'd do a tempo run and I suffered. I also got in a short swim, 2 x 200 m front crawl and 4 x 200 m drills ... a total of 1200 m.


Last week was spent recuperating from the marathon, starting a new work contract and adjusting to a different schedule, and having fun with friends and also the kiddies. This week, where did the time go? Admittedly, I had a lot on my plate, as the person training me at work was unfortunately ill all week so that meant that I was now replacing two people ... alright, throw me into the fire and broil me ... Oooh, I like it HOT! :-) Weekend was full of other work and dance community obligations and ahem ... two brunches with cool friends.

How the HECK do they do it?

How do all those other recreational athletes fit it all in - work, family, and friends? I admit I do have more activities than most and perhaps a too active social life ... But hey, I was a good girl this week and went to bed early most nights though I confess, not intentionally a few times ... y-a-w-n!

I'm thinking ... alright ... if I'm going to decide to do Ironman next year, I'm going to have to learn to get up and train at 5 am like all the other triathletes and also cut out all social dance and fun activities with friends ...

Is this do-able or even feasible?

Eenie-meanie-minie-mo ... which spinning plate will I have to drop?

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