Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sloth Day #3

Alright, it wasn't a true sloth day since I was even B-U-S-I-E-R today than yesterday. Just a sloth day in terms of training. It wasn't because I was lazy today or anything ... I guess missing training is justified when there's a fundraiser at night to tend to - Laughter with Sprinkles on Top.

I wanted to run and had planned to run but making desserts for the Meet 'n' Greet afterwards was more important. Anyway, I figured I'd be able to run off those extra calories from the desserts when I do the NYC marathon.

So funny, another marathon runner, CW, was there tonight and she told me that she liked reading my blog because I wasn't all serious about training and such, unlike some other people/groups she knew. Not to say that I don't take my athletic events seriously, I just don't take my training seriously enough all the time. Takes out the fun factor. Besides, I need to be plain lazy occasionally or am just too busy sometimes. Not worth getting too upset about not training. Life happens.

(I say this now, but will regret thinking this way right after the NYC marathon when I'll be feeling entirely miserable, in utter pain and agony, and cursing myself out loud for being stupid and not training properly.)

My friend Marcus agrees that training and racing has to be fun. He likes to race because of the hoopla preceding and following but not so much the actual race. I love all the excitement preceding, during and following a race, albeit the pain, but especially love the medal at the finish line.

Proof positive - my bulletin board in my office:

So, good night folks, time to tidy up all the stuff left over from the fundraiser and catch some zzzz's ...


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