Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey, I thought muscles have memory ...

But I suppose tonight they forgot.

Ran 11 km with GB in the cold dark night, slightly above freezing. I would have liked to have run farther but I don't think my legs would have agreed. Thanks GB for not complaining about my painfully slow pace ... My legs felt in sloth overdrive, revving oh-so-barely in the LAZY gear.

My legs got quite the brisk awakening tonight! Very, very windy, with gusts up to about 40 km/h. Especially loved it when the rain started and the wind whipped headlong into our faces. I would have quickened the pace but my quads refused to lift any higher since they were half-frozen. SOOO happy to finally get back home.

Nice thing about a good run is feeling like you have the right to eat afterwards. And actually, you do, to better recuperate. I easily justified my gluttony as I wolfed down three freshly-baked muffins ... "I'm in marathon training!" Anyway, the bran whole wheat muffins couldn't have been healthier.

Yesterday's training? I moved my little fingers around the Monopoly board and did lots of wrist exercises rolling the dice. My type of weekend cross-training ... Ahhhh!


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