Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NYC Marathon, Part I: The Day Before

Saturday, November 4

Arrived late morning and checked in at the centrally-located hotel. I wanted to take a nap since I was tired from staying up all night working but didn't as I was anxious to get out and enjoy the city. Good thing I caught an hour nap on the plane.

First stop - race packet pick-up and sports expo. What a cool building! I loved the architecture - quite an impressive entranceway to an equally impressive marathon ...

In the race packet, there was a nifty Asics shirt. Extra small, finally a shirt that fits! It's great not having to wear Men's Large. I've never understood that about races ... We get asked for our shirt size but never end up with the right size unless we weigh at least 175 lbs. which most marathon runners don't, especially the women.

Marcus & I


We had lunch at Ollie's Noodle Shop then off to the Rockefeller Center


FAO Schwartz

Anyone have a few hundred $$$ to drop on giant stuffed animals?

Poor dolly's lost her head ...

Mouhahaha!! I don't know, but these doll heads freak me out!


Angus McIntyre Restaurant

After a much-needed second hour-long nap, Marcus and I headed out for some food. This was our second choice of restaurant, the first one, an Italian one Carmine's, had too long a line-up. So contrary to pre-race wisdom, I skipped the pasta and went straight to steak, my usual POST-RACE meal. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Our waiter Greg, an artist, told us we came at the ideal time, between 8-10 p.m. when everyone else is at the theatre. Before 8 p.m. or after 10 p.m. is a zoo, which we quickly found out while we ate dessert. Greg told us that several celebrities who are partners in Angus McIntyre, which opened its doors Dec. 12, 2001, hang out there from time to time: Nathan Lane, Matthey Broderick, and Mel Brooks. Ended up chatting with the maitre'd who himself is a triathlete. He was amazed when I told him that it was my first season doing tri and I had done an Ironman. Heck, I'm even amazed!

Carbo-loading ... Scrumptious warm chocolate cake, almost like lava cakes but without the lava. Marcus reminded me that I had a marathon to run the next morning and it was getting late. "What? Hmm, I had forgotten about that ..."

Back at the hotel to prep for the race. I checked out my outfit and figured out how best to wear it. Marcus was amused that the race seemed secondary to visiting New York.

I told him, "Yup, it is. This weekend is really to explore the city and enjoy company with good friends. The marathon is just for fun." I wasn't planning to do good time, I just wanted to have a BLAST.


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