Monday, November 06, 2006

Me and the NYC marathon

Four words about the NYC Marathon - difficult, exhausting, exciting, memorable.

Today was an exceptional day ... I survived the NYC marathon. Race report to come at a later date when I get my pics developed. Until then, things I learned:

1. Girls can pee on the bridge too.

2. It's easy enough to get kisses from New York's finest.

3. Eight hours sleep in three days is not enough rest leading up to a marathon. Pulling an all-nighter is an absolute no-no.

4. One long run of 11 km/week just doesn't cut it as proper marathon training.

5. Shooting a whole roll of film during a marathon can be quite time-consuming.

6. Flags make great marathon fashion.

7. New Yorkers make the greatest spectators.

8. There will always be a line-up to use the port-o-let.

9. There is a very fine line between courage and silliness. Stupid is in another category all by itself.

That's it for now ... finally time to sleep.


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