Monday, August 17, 2009

Training discipline ... what dat?

I've been trying to be better disciplined at training recently but last week threw me for a loop. I've never been one for keeping a routine or a schedule and this was made worse when my work schedule included inconsistent hours, being outside for long periods in the muggy Montreal heat wave, and/or standing around all day being "on" and always ready.

So, frankly, I didn't get in the training I wanted to last week. My feet hurt or I was simply too pooped from the extreme heat. Besides, waking up with swollen feet and legs every morning didn't help!

So my dilemma ... Aug. 22 is fast approaching and I still don't know for which race to register ... Either one will hurt A LOT, just differently. There is so much more pressure with a Sprint Tri than a Half Ironman because of the speed factor but on the other hand, I haven't come close to doing enough miles to cover the HIM distance! Mind you, I hadn't covered enough miles to complete IMKY (Ironman Kentucky) either ... but I did.


Choices, choices ... I think I could push myself to finish a HIM, but at what cost to my body? Or I could take this almost three weeks left of training to fine tune myself to go just a wee bit faster/harder. Logic says do the Sprint ... my heart says do the Half.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks :-)

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