Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yamachiche Half Marathon - July 14, 2001

This race will forever be in my heart as it was my first real racing event.

Taper, what’s that? This race was the fifth day straight of running for me that week, just another day in my marathon training.

The field was full of elite and sub-elite runners. Little did I know what I had plunged myself into. I will never forget the Start and the relative feeling of not moving since everyone else was running. I remember the farm fields and country roads, the people cheering, my trying unsuccessfully to drink from a water cup while running and then being informed by another runner to pinch it.

I will never forget how exhausted I felt at 17km as I had run faster than I ever had for that distance. There was no special hoopla when I finished, no finisher's medal, and no friends to congratulate me. I had gone alone and don't even think I had told anyone ahead of time. I ate a snack and rested a bit, drove home, and then later picked up my friend and trainer, Dirk, at the bus station. We went to eat Chinese food that night and I had absolutely no clue as to what I had just achieved.

Gun time: 1:55:28, which still remains my PR (personal record)
Overall place: 243/285 (see what I mean about the fast field!)

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